55. CASE: What is My Obligation?

A family physician in a small, remote community assesses a patient, who is a local schoolteacher, as developing a post-partum psychosis. He feels he lacks adequate training or experience to manage her care.

He recommends she seek treatment at a distant large mental health centre but she refuses to travel to the centre because of the distance involved. He feels uncertain about caring for the patient when the treatment is outside his area of competency.

  • How should the physician proceed with the patient’s care? Should he treat the patient when he feels it is is outside his area of competency?
  • If the patient is unwilling to disclose her health issues to her employer, as a healthcare professional and/or a member of the community, should the physician report them to school authorities?
  • What ethics issues are at play here?
  • What resources could the physician seek to assist with this situation?

Some Values and Ethics Issues to Consider

  • Community and family relationships
  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality
  • Patient-provider relationships
  • Professional boundaries
  • Honesty, trust and truth-telling
  • Patient safety
  • Equality of access
  • Resource allocation
  • Duty to provide care
  • Intellectual honesty
  • Respect for professional integrity
  • Professional competence
  • Overlapping roles and responsibilities

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