62. CASE: Formula Feeding Resource Book

Andrew Godwin is a relatively new staff person working for Public Health. He is learning about the WHO Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes and the importance of promoting breastfeeding as a norm in Nova Scotia, as part of the Healthy Eating Strategy.

He has received several phone calls from new parents asking him why the province’s formula feeding resource book is not online and requesting him to consider adding it to the electronic resources. What should Andrew do?

  • Identify the values that are relevant to this discussion and select the ones that you think should guide Andrew’s response. 
  • Would it be appropriate to post this booklet online? Why or why not?

Some Values and Ethics Issues to Consider

  • Duty to provide care
  • Honesty, trust and truth-telling
  • Respect for autonomy
  • Transparency
  • Community/ public health ethics
  • Compliance with policy
  • Patient-centred care

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