65. Case: Conflict in an Ethics Consultation

The next three cases are from our Advanced Clinical Consultation Workshop facilitated by Paul Hutchinson, Imagined Spaces. These cases were submitted to us from Paul.

I find it is often team conflict that can lead to an ethics consult and this will find its way into the consultation space. This can present in a couple of ways:

  • Staff will become quiet and hesitant to speak and it can become difficult to deal with the real issues.


  • Conversation will become heated and emotion laden.

One case I remember was in dealing with a young mom whose child had been hospitalized since birth. Part of the reason for this long hospitalization was due to an error in care. This was a very young mom with two other children.  She had very few community or family resources and so proper housing and resources for care of her children were issues.

Staff had very differing views of this mom and her care of her child as well as her behaviors in hospital (she would sometimes stay out late at night with friends and on return could be quite noisy). Some staff felt she avoided caring for her child and was leaving all the responsibility to staff. There was clearly a divisiveness with some staff feeling she was simply not a good mom and would never be able to care for her child and in some cases disempowered her by taking over care. Other staff felt this mom was doing the best she could given her age, education, and socioeconomic status and were very protective of her. Staff were being directed to document and be vigilant re anything that might bring doubt on her ability as a parent and perhaps have her children taken from her.

It was a very difficult situation, and it was ongoing when the consult occurred. It was clear values were being challenged and staff felt very strongly. Many staff felt that were being bullied and pressured by other professions and each other and this was a difficult consult to facilitate.


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