National Health Ethics Week 2017 Cases

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Each day of National Health Ethics Week 2017, we will add a case and discussion questions, based on a different theme. The theme this year is:

Diversity and Inclusion in Health Care  

As the population of Atlantic Canada becomes more diverse, the importance of skill in exploring value differences is increasingly apparent.  The challenge inherent in work around diversity and inclusion is finding ways to recognize and respond respectfully to various forms of difference while not reducing individuals to their differences. We all benefit when we are asked about our values in the shared decision making process, as opposed to having assumptions made about our values based on memberships in particular communities.

In this vein, we present these cases as a starting point for discussion about how we provide the best possible care to all those patients and families that need it given the reality of values diversity in Canada.  Other topics you might want to explore in this area include trans health, elder health and ageism, accessibility, weight bias and sizeism, rural/urban divides, LGBTQI health, and North/South differences.

Case 79: It’s the Little Things

Case 78: Health Care for New Canadians

Case 77: Accommodating Requests: Which Difference Make a Difference?

Case 76: Supported Decision Making and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Case 75: Cultural Competence: Truth and Reconciliation in Action


General Resources:

Resources available in NSHEN’s library:

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