41. CASE: Ethical Budgeting

This is the day you’ve been dreading as manager of the geriatric day program at your local hospital. Word has come down that your budget is going to be cut by 15% in the next fiscal year (indeed everyone’s budget at your facility faces the same cut). You have three months to determine how this money will be eliminated from your budget and must meet with your director to explain both the ways in which the money will be “saved” and what implications will follow from the “cuts.” The geriatric day program has been one of the most successful programs at this facility, based on client and family feedback. Among other activities, the geriatric day program includes rehabilitation support, general health monitoring and facilitated access to health professionals, psychosocial support and counseling, organized recreation therapy sessions, transportation to and from the health facility for those who can’t otherwise get there, and hosts a variety of speakers on topics of interest. You know that whatever change you make, the effects will be felt in the community. And, you know that some of the very vulnerable people – the clients without many social supports and multiple health issues – could potentially be affected the most.

  • Where do you start?
  • What questions should you ask?
  • What information do you need?
  • Who should you talk to?
  • What might be a good process to use for this type of decision-making?
  • Who should be involved in the process?
  • How will you know when you’ve got it right (or as right as it can be)?


Some Values and Ethics Issues to Consider

  • Resource allocation
  • Distributive justice
  • Priority setting

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